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To do that, we understand that means we have to offer full access to the care you need without barriers. That's why our practice consistently remains passionate about upholding these values.

Theo Jones SR. MSN, FNP - Family nurse practitioner

Theo Jones Sr. is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. He began his career as a registered nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital, serving in critical care units as well as trauma operating rooms.

After obtaining his master's degree in nursing from the Chamberlain College of Nursing, he received training in pediatrics from Cross Keys Pediatrics, in addition to training in internal medicine and family practice from Mercy Medical Center.

In 2018, Theo founded Weekend Whitecoat Direct Primary Care with the goal to build a personal and trusted relationship between patient and provider.

Weekend Whitecoat was born out of my frustration with the current healthcare system. While working as a Family Nurse Practitioner, both in hospitals and in private practices, things would change rapidly while faces changed even faster.

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Why Weekend Whitecoat?
I would often hear complaints from patients that there was never enough time to talk about all of their concerns.

Or worse, patients had no idea of who their primary care physician was. Often, their primary care physician was someone chosen at random who happened to be accepting patients at the time. There was no relationship whatsoever.

I grew frustrated with the numbers game of "SEE AS MANY PATIENTS AS FAST AS POSSIBLE." That's when I decided to work outside of a system that just doesn’t work for or encourage a patient provider relationship. I felt that more can and should be done to foster a caring, trusting and reliable relationship between the provider and patient.

My solution offers more time and attention to less patients while cutting out the middle man - the insurance company. This allows me to attain a full spectrum of preventative and primary care custom tailored to each and every patient.

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