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Why you should hire a concierge nurse practitioner and a PCP
April 12, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Why you should hire a concierge nurse practitioner and a PCP

In the ever-evolving world of medicine, healthcare providers are constantly working to make their services more accessible for patients. One of the greatest developments we’ve seen in the past several decades is the rise of concierge nurses and primary care providers. By offering services on a subscription basis, patients can get the help they need at any time, and in any location.

At Weekend Whitecoat, we connect patients with experienced concierge nurses and PCPs in Maryland, offering the additional benefit of telehealth services. Our multiplatform model is perfect for the elderly, those suffering from chronic illnesses, and any other patient who requires care on a regular basis. Continue reading to learn a few ways in which having access to a concierge nurse practitioner or PCP could improve your quality of life.

24/7 access to health services

One of the reasons why concierge nurse practitioners and PCPs offer their services in the form of membership programs is so that patients can enjoy peace of mind, knowing they have ongoing, 24/7 access to health services. This is especially useful for sufferers of chronic conditions who require frequent, urgent care. For example, a cancer patient undergoing a cycle of chemotherapy may require the help of a concierge nurse practitioner who can come to their home or meet with them virtually to help manage their medication, change their dressings, and provide other essential services. By partnering with a concierge healthcare worker, patients can simply make one phone call, and are guaranteed medical services in as little as a few hours.

Reduced visits to medical facilities

For elderly people and sufferers of debilitating conditions, the commute to a clinic or hospital can be extremely burdensome. A concierge nurse practitioner or PCP can solve this problem by traveling to wherever the patient is located. This includes not only at-home visits, but other accommodations such as hotels and Airbnbs as well. This saves time and energy for patients who require the help of a provider. Additionally, this helps remove the burden from the patient’s loved ones who may otherwise be responsible for looking after them or driving them to medical facilities. Our membership program at Weekend Whitecoat includes up to six house calls per year, along with unlimited, 24/7 access to telemedicine services.

Extensive care

When a patient visits a medical clinic, it is impossible for nurse practitioners and primary care providers to dedicate all of their time and attention to them, regardless of their condition. Healthcare workers must care for a large number of patients on a daily basis, which can leave individuals waiting for hours only to be seen for a few minutes. Concierge nurse practitioners and PCPs are able to meet with patients in the comfort of their own homes, gain a complete understanding of the individual’s health status, and provide more comprehensive care.

Form trusting relationships with providers

Relying on a nurse practitioner or PCP to provide necessary health services puts patients in a vulnerable, and often disconcerting state. One piece that is sadly often missing in healthcare is the formation of positive, empathetic clinician-patient relationships. This is especially important for patients that require health services on a regular basis. By hiring one or more concierge health service providers, patients can develop a positive rapport and trusting relationship with the team responsible for their care. This can drastically improve one’s quality of life, and encourage individuals to contact their nurse or PCP for help via telehealth appointments or in-person services as soon as they need them.

Contact us today to become a Weekend Whitecoat member, and meet with a concierge nurse practitioner or PCP.

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