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Benefits of boutique doctors over a traditional PCP in Maryland
December 31, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Benefits of boutique doctors over a traditional PCP in Maryland

Finding a doctor isn’t always an easy process. You can speak with your friends and neighbors about who they see, but not every doctor is right for everyone. It’s important that you find someone who provides the level of care that you need and services that are right for you. At Weekend Whitecoat, we provide a unique level of care as boutique doctors in Maryland. While concierge doctors have been around for several decades, it’s becoming more affordable and accessible for more people. If you’ve never considered going with a boutique doctor over a traditional care primary care provider, we have four benefits you’ll enjoy.

Doctor availability

Getting in to see a doctor is frustrating. You often have to set an appointment for your annual physical weeks in advance, and you’re not likely to see your primary provider if you’re sick because you need to get in within a day or two. A boutique doctor is much more accessible as you typically have an option to see your doctor via telemedicine, which means you can get on a phone call or video chat and speak with them about your illness.

Beyond being readily available when you’re feeling sick, you can see your doctor sooner for your annual physical and spend more time talking about your immediate and long-term needs. Most boutique doctors aren’t overburdened with a heavy load of patients throughout the day, so you get more time to have a conversation with your doctor. Additionally, you won’t spend 30 minutes waiting in a waiting room before your visit.

No need for insurance

Traditional health care is cost-prohibitive for many people. They’re either paying hundreds of dollars each month for insurance coverage or out-of-pocket for a doctor visit when they need it. A concierge doctor comes with lower monthly fees than what you’ll typically pay for insurance coverage, which also equates to more affordable and readily available visits when you need them.

Holistic care

Maintaining a healthy body takes more than a singular approach. Many aspects of your overall health can lead to both acute and chronic illnesses. A boutique doctor wants to ensure that you’re taking care of your body as best you can, so you’re likely to get a holistic approach to care.

It’s important to remember that most traditional providers only get paid when you come to their office. So, despite you paying them to keep you healthy, there isn’t much incentive for them to keep you from getting sick. With a concierge doctor, you’re paying them each month to keep you healthy, so you’re more likely to get care that’s curated to your unique needs.

Better patient-provider relationships

We mentioned above that you’d get to spend more time with each visit speaking with your doctor during visits. Having a chance to build a rapport with your doctor is a great way to build a mutual relationship of trust. Not only will you have more confidence in their ability to provide you care, but your doctor will also have a better understanding of your individual needs. They’ll know your lifestyle and ways to provide you with personalized advice to take care of yourself.

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