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5 benefits of direct care appointments over traditional doctors in Baltimore
August 2, 2021 at 7:00 AM
5 benefits of direct care appointments over traditional doctors in Baltimore

It doesn’t matter if you have a cold, sinus infection, or a chronic illness, it’s important that you get the medical attention that you need. This can be difficult when you’re dealing with insurance policies, office appointments, and working around your busy schedule. You can schedule direct care appointments in Baltimore with Weekend Whitecoat to receive the medical care that you need. If you’re not familiar with direct care, read our guide for some ways that you can benefit.

You don’t need insurance

If you don’t have insurance, you might be worried about the cost of seeing a doctor. This is an entirely normal concern as we’ve been conditioned to the outrageous costs of health care, especially an office visit to your doctor. With direct care appointments, you can see your doctor even if you don’t have insurance and not have to stress about the high cost of a visit. In fact, many direct care providers don’t accept insurance as it forces them to charge more than what they want to charge patients.

You don’t need to go to the clinic

Taking the time to visit a clinic to visit your doctor takes a lot of time. From drive time to wait time to more wait time and finally seeing the doctor for a short amount of time, you’ve probably spent about an hour and a half to two hours for a simple visit. Direct care allows you to visit with your doctor remotely, whether it’s a video chat, phone call, or even texting, which will save you a considerable amount of time because you can continue to go about your day if you have a short wait time. There’s no time lost in your busy schedule and you’re able to see your doctor on your time.

You get the time you need with the doctor

There are typically three kinds of doctor visits: one is a typical check-up where you get your annual prescription refill and check in on your health, the second is when you have a cold or minor infection, and the other is when you have a potential health issue that needs to be resolved. The first two don’t often take a lot of time to resolve, while the third can require more than the couple of minutes your doctor has allotted for you. When you see a direct care provider, you get to spend the necessary amount of time with your provider to learn all that you need. Should there be additional steps in the diagnosis process, you can discuss them with your provider.

You save money

Think about how much you pay each month for insurance premiums. In addition to paying your insurance premiums, you probably still have to make co-pays with every office visit and for your prescriptions. Even a healthy individual without a family can end up paying around $2,500 each year in insurance costs without ever visiting their doctor. Any visits to a clinic will add to the costs of premiums. Direct care services often come with an affordable monthly subscription and are much more readily available.

You have more access

If you want to go for a yearly physical, it can take several weeks for a doctor’s office to find time to squeeze you in. Even getting in to see a doctor when you’re ill can be difficult and you often need to go to an urgent care clinic, which costs more than a traditional clinic. Direct care appointments come at a much more affordable rate and offer a considerably more accessible solution as you can see your doctor whenever you need with 24/7 availability.

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