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4 ways to flush out a UTI without using UTI flush medicine
4 ways to flush out a UTI without using UTI flush medicine

If you recently incurred a urinary tract infection, you don’t need anyone telling you how uncomfortable it is. Even worse, scheduling a doctor’s appointment to receive a prescription is inconvenient and sometimes not feasible. Still, the first 24 hours are when you need to act the fastest using UTI flush medicine. However, if you cannot acquire UTI flush medicine, there are alternatives. Fortunately, at Weekend Whitecoat, we provide the care you need when you need it through unparalleled telehealth services that boast unlimited visits, 24/7 communication with your primary care provider, and appointment times that cater to your schedule.

Here is how to flush out a UTI without UTI flush medicine:


When considering home UTI remedies that don’t require UTI flush medicine, staying hydrated is crucial for preventing and treating UTIs.

Water assists your urinary tract organs to expel waste from your body and promotes the retention of essential nutrients and electrolytes. By diluting urine and facilitating its passage through your system, bacteria cannot infect the cells lining your urinary organs.

The more you urinate, the more you flush out harmful bacteria from your urinary tract. Still, for some, it may seem counter-intuitive to flush out your system when flushing it out causes burning, but it’s crucial, especially in the first 24 hours of infection.


Another home UTI remedy that’s an excellent alternative to UTI flush medicine is consuming cranberries. Cranberry juice ranks as one of the most well-established natural UTI treatments.

UTIs occur when E. Coli bacteria attaches to your bladder. Studies have discovered that cranberry juice contains compounds that may prevent E. Coli bacteria from attaching to cells in the urinary tract.

Moreover, cranberries even contain antioxidants like polyphenols, which have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. More importantly, cranberries contain A-type proanthocyanidins and prevent bacteria from sticking to your bladder.

Ultimately, while they may not cure the infection, consuming cranberries can function as an excellent means of flushing bacteria out.

Vitamin C

When considering home remedy alternatives to UTI flush medicine, consuming vitamin C is an excellent solution. Vitamin C improves immune system function, and it reacts with nitrates in urine to generate nitrogen oxides.

These kill bacteria and can lower the pH of urine, making It less hospitable to bacteria. Moreover, due to its acidic nature, vitamin C can help eradicate bad bacteria while protecting you from future infections.


Another great alternative to UTI flush medicine when trying to flush out bacteria is consuming probiotics. Probiotics promote immune system and urinary tract health and keep your urinary tract free from harmful bacteria.

More specifically, probiotics in the Lactobacillus group can help treat and prevent UTIs by preventing harmful bacteria from latching onto urinary tract cells, generating hydrogen peroxide, an antibacterial agent, in urine, and lowering your urine’s pH, which cultivates inhospitable conditions for bacteria.

Many products that contain dairy, are fermented, or both contain probiotics, like yogurts, kefir, some cheese, and even sauerkraut. Ultimately, once E. Coli is in your bladder, it reproduces and eventually invades and supplants the ‘good’ bacteria in your gut and urinary tract.

Probiotics enable your body to restore itself and increase how much ‘good’ bacteria you have.

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While there are alternatives to UTI flush medicine, understand that none will guarantee you results like medically prescribed treatments. However, if you are having a hard time making an appointment when convenient, you’re in luck. At Weekend Whitecoat, we operate with the utmost reliability, trust, and accessibility and provide tailored, attentive services to each patient. Sign up now to get started!

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